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We are a primary practice of Lourdes Cardiology, South Jersey’s largest cardiology practice. From preventive care to the most advanced cardiovascular procedures, the South Jersey Heart Group delivers top-rated heart care. With many board certified cardiologists and heart care specialists, our doctors are committed to helping patients achieve the best possible outcomes for every type of heart issue.

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A Word From our Fellows

Andrew Mehalick, DO

Current Fellow, PGY IV

I chose to do my cardiology fellowship with SJHG due to its stellar reputation for education and procedural experience.  Thus far, my experiences here have exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.  My time has only been made more enjoyable by working with such an incredible and fun group of people.

Baqir Lakhani, DO

Current Fellow, PGY IV

Being in this cardiology fellowship is like being in a family. You love, you hate, you argue, you share, and then you learn. You get to become your own cardiologist by taking a little bit of this attending and a little bit of the other. At the end you are ready to face the world head on eyes wide open.

Peter Bulik, DO

Current Fellow, PGY IV

South Jersey Heart Group has provided a wonderful fellowship experience thus far.  We are given a significant amount of autonomy which has helped foster our clinical expertise.  In addition, the fellowship continues to deliver excellent lectures from nationally recognized cardiologists.  I am very happy with my choice to join this fellowship and would highly recommend it to prospective applicants.

Hetain Patel, DO

Current Fellow, PGY IV

In my short time as at SJHG as a fellow, the ownership given in this program creates an environment of responsibility, reliability and camaraderie that is compelling and enduring. However, as good as the clinical training and opportunities are, the approachability of the attendings, their compassion, and their enthusiasm gives me the drive to better myself day in and day out. As much as I dreaded moving from the place where the sun shines 365 days a year to snowstorms, I would do it again in a heartbeat (pun intended).

Adam Ghaly

Graduate Fellow

It is not the name of a fellowship that is important but the experience.  After spending my time at Rowan SOM Cardiology fellowship; I now realize how prepared I was for clinical practice.  From Day one of fellowship we are considered part of the group or Attendings.  They treat us like one of their own.  The clinical experience I received, the education, and support for taking all required board exam’s is far exceeds any other fellowship I could imagine. I highly recommend this program for Non invasive and Invasive Cardiology.

Jeffrey Van Hook

SJHG Fellow

My time as a fellow at SJHG provided me the opportunity to combine a strong academic program with the clinical experience of running a cardiology service with progressive independence as my training progressed.  This gave me the experience and confidence to begin clinical practice and interventional fellowship with minimal “growing pains.”